DIY Patched Jacket

I was always inspired by the street style patched jackets and knew it would be a super easy DIY to recreate. 

So I recently got together with Olivia to recreate this trend using with all the mum badges/pins I’ve collected from scouts events (Joking), complete with loads of fun iron on patches with cute words and images. I’ve outlined the steps below, but honestly, this is the easiest project around so I doubt you need detailed instructions! 

You need:

How to: 

  1. Take some time placing and planning where you want your patches and pins to go. Place the patches on the jacket front (or shoulders of the jacket – or really anywhere you want!).
  2. When you’re happy, iron the patches in place. With the iron on a low setting, iron the patches down. To be extra careful you can put a piece of cloth between the two if you are worried about melting the patches. Leave to cool down and you’re ready to go!
  3. WEAR THEM! Your new customised jacket is pimped up with patches and pins!  

P.S. You can hand stitch the edges of the patch over to the Jacket.  

This article was originally published in The Closeteur. For more stories like this, pick up TheCloseteur issue 8, on newsstands and available for digital download Apr. 14.