caFACE - Selfie Latte Art in Seoul

The only coffee I don't want to finish it (you will see the reason on the last photo below) . It's just amazing to see your selfie in colors turn into a latte art!!Pretty strange!! But it was fun and actually tasted good, haha.  #‎mythirdseoultrip‬

caFACE is in South Korea’s capital Seoul offers a very personal form of latte art. I heard about it from a friend who is based in Seoul and decided to give it a look! See what the place is like and how exactly to get there!

First you have to strike a pose and take a selfie in a special booth, then it prints it out onto the foam of your latte.

Then you get to consume your own face in a bizarre act of narcissism that makes you question whether we might actually live in some kind of simulated Matrix-style reality, rather than the real world.

It just goes to prove just how out of control the whole selfie culture has become, but it might have some hidden benefits, especially when it comes to all of the ridiculous variants of coffee styles you have to choose from when you visit your local java-joint for your daily caffeine fix.

They have coffees, lattes, yogurt smoothies, frappuccinos, tea, ades, fruit juice, and patbingsu for 3,500-5,500 KRW, Printing a picture on your drink would cost an extra +2,500 KRW.

Selfie lattes aren’t particularly new, but this full color version is. A cafe chain in Taiwan called Let’s Cafe made headlines a few years back because they had machines that allowed customers to print pictures of themselves on the foam atop their coffees.

CaFace Cafe have got the 2.0 version. Who knows what 3.0 will be like.

*It Is recommended to be on a cold drink.

How to get there
From Hongdae Station (Hongik University Station, 홍대입구역) exit 9, walk straight, and make a left at the next big intersection. Make a right at the most lively street of Hongdae. Make a left at the third small street on your left side. You’ll see Caface as soon as you make that turn. The green triangle in the map is the Hongdae Park (홍대 놀이터). Click the picture for a larger map.

CaFace 咖啡店(카페이스)

地址:서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-51 1층