OCT loft creative zone

When I first started going to China for work back in 2010, I was introduced to a place called OCT loft (literally Overseas Chinese Town) where I found the Little Thing Shop - a creative assembly of indie Chinese and Asian labels of crafty bits and pieces from all around the world as well as their own clothing line, handmade jewelry and patchwork furniture. LT shop regularly host events like themed flea markets for every month or two. It’s sort of like an taobao vintage explosion inside the space for all their Chinese readers come together. It can be cuteness overload but it’s nonetheless interesting to see Little Thing foster a like-minded community and if you want to stayed largely off the tourist path this is the perfect place to go. just give yourself an hour or so to walk aimlessly around – you’ll never know what you might just discover!! 

LT Flea Market is one of the largest themed flea market in Shenzhen. The market sells typical vintage items, everyday goods, souvenirs, handmade goodies and food. Each flea market has a set theme, such as the last one dream of lace, my inspiration note, life in countryside, rabbit gift box (For some reason it made me think of the Alice in Wonderland – fuzzy and totally charming.)and it is open to apply for all the indie designers/label to branch out their stories where they can also let their imaginations run wild. The reason I kept coming back to this place for more. Then every themed Flea Markets is explored through booths with talented artists, artisans, photographer Noyot and Mookoo, craftspeople and designers Timmy and Jason. 

I’ve always wanted to visit more in china but always felt it a little bit out of the way to travel to (despite the fact that it isn’t)! However, given the chance that working in shenzhen china its now much more easier to just pack my bag and go. Little Thing definitely is a breath of fresh air.

So there you have it, my little tips for a weekend wander and if you want to find out more about the LT shop, please check out my Weibo here (http://www.weibo.com/hayleylyla) for more details or email me at hello@hayleylyla.com

Stay Chic !! 

早在2010年當我開始到深圳工作的時候,朋友介紹我到一個地方”深圳華僑城創意園”,在那裡我找到了一間小店"Little thing”,小店內收藏著中國,亞洲以及來自世界各地的獨立品牌及Little thing自家的服裝系列,手工飾品和獨特的花纹拼接家具。也收集了很多不同古董面料和古董纽扣。 

LT店定期舉辦深圳最大型的主題跳蚤市場。跳蚤市場各有種不同的老式古董包,手工製作的工藝品。這有點像淘寶復古風爆發在一個天马行空的设计理念空間內。它為志同道合的姐妹們造就了一個喜歡小可愛的社區,因為每一次市集就像新老朋友的大型聚会而且每次進小店裡都有新發現!每個跳蚤市場有一組主題,例如「梦幻蕾丝」,「我的灵感之书」,「生活在田园」,「兔子的百寶盒」,所有獨立設計師都歡迎參加分享他們品牌的故事。讓更多的人關注。每次不同主題的跳蚤市場都被很有才華的攤主包圍著藝術家,工匠,攝影師方進一和Mookoo,手工藝者和設計師Timmy和 Jason。

希望讀者們會喜歡我分享的一個新週末目的地,如果你想了解更多關於LT店,請點擊這裡(http://www.weibo.com/hayleylyla)了解更多詳情。 或者電郵到 hello@hayleylyla.com